We're Hiring

Join the Shodan team and help develop the next generation of Internet intelligence products used by millions of people and thousands of companies.

We're looking for software engineers that enjoy solving problems, working across technologies and mining large amounts of data. We have multiple positions available and have loosely grouped them into infrastructure and frontend. Note that for both of these areas we are looking to hire several engineers. Ideally you will be familiar with most of the listed technologies (or you're excited about learning them).


Shodan is bootstrapped, profitable small business located in the beautiful city of Austin. What started out as a hobby project running out of a closet has grown over the past decade into the de facto standard on Internet intelligence. We love solving problems, writing code (API-first) and setting our own schedule. To that end, all positions at Shodan are remote-only (preference is given to candidates within the US) - we heavily value good writing/ documentation skills. Billions of banners, millions of users and a lot of interesting challenges - if you'd like to join the team then send us your resume!


Take the backend infrastructure of Shodan to the next level. We're looking for engineers that are excited about working with large amounts of data, collecting more of it and creating tools to help manage an ever-growing infrastructure.

  • Real-time streaming architectures (ZeroMQ, Kafka, Storm)
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Basic understanding of network protocols
  • Good documentation skills
  • Python
  • C++ (x11)
  • NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB)


Shodan has many existing websites - Maps, Images, main website, exposure dashboard, 3D search - and a few more are on the roadmap. We're looking for an engineer that can both help migrate existing projects to a new infrastructure and enjoys developing new webapps from concept to production. Familiarity with the Shodan API is a plus as all of our websites use it.

  • Python (Pyramid)
  • Node.js
  • Docker
  • HTML5/ CSS3
  • ES6
  • Good documentation skills
  • Shodan API
  • Vue.js
  • Basic understanding of network protocols
  • Design systems


Do you want to work at Shodan but don't fall into any of the existing career openings? Send us your resume, tell us why you'd like to join the team and lets chat!